Monday, May 13, 2013

You want to pay me to come to your home and tell you it needs help?

I'm in awe of some of my clients. Truly. It hit me the other day, they have such courage and are so brave. To ask for help and invite a perfect stranger into their home. They have no idea what they will hear, but they're ready to listen.

A homeowner who is ready to think about staging their home for sale really has to be motivated to look for help. They have to give up the idea they know what to do and then seek out professional guidance.

Would you be willing to say to yourself?

- I know I need help getting my home ready to sell. I'm not sure what to do or how to do it. My realtor told me I didn't need to stage but I decided I wanted my home to look right. 

- I take some time searching online for a home stager in Dallas Fort Worth. I read the tesimonials, look at the photo gallery and then pick up the phone and call.

- I then invite a perfect stranger into my home and wait for the comments. I don't know what I'm going to hear but I'm ready with my note pad and pen.

- I'll get my husband on board, and we can contact a moving company and start packing. 

- I'll follow all of the recommendations from this professional home stager and then invite her back again to help me with the finishing touches I know I need help with. I don't like shopping and I trust her to get it ready for my Broker open which is in three days!

I can tell you sellers who are this motivated are my favorite clients. I really respect the fact they are willing to let me into their private space and listen. I think that's completely brave and courageous on their part. 

I see that it's not easy but they do it because they've made a decision to move forward and stage their home and they aren't afraid to ask for help.

By the way, I recently helped a client who followed all these steps and the result was amazing. 

Be brave. Together we can get it done!