Friday, March 22, 2013

Showcase Your Short Sale

Visited a young couple the other day for a home staging consultation. Their realtor had referred me as she is a big believer in staging a home for sale. Even a "short sale".

The first impression I had was NO parking space because two large pickup trucks and a trailer filled the driveway.

TIP Park your cars and trucks on the street if possible. The garage should have enough clear space to park at least one of your cars. Yes, that means cleaning out your garage!

My second impression was the entry was not inviting. There were two chairs and a table on porch slab area, empty planters with dirt and no color.

TIP Your entry has to be inviting. Simply set the scene by arranging any furniture to look as if it can be used for additional living space and add fresh seasonal flowers to your empty pots. Even in winter/early spring there are pansies or geraniums you can plant that will handle cold snaps.

Third impression, walking in the front door. Every room was painted a different bold color. 

TIP It's fun to experiment and personalize your home with color but realize that every buyer will have a different opinion on your choices. By asking buyers to accept your taste, you're narrowing the number who will. It doesn't have to be beige but you do have to give the potential buyer of your home the ability to see how their furnishings and taste can live in your home. Neutral also makes your home larger and square footage sells. 

TIP Paint, prepack and clean. No one wants to inherit a home that needs painting and cleaning. If you don't want to do it what makes you think your buyers will?

Prepacking takes the "you" out of the home and gives the buyer a chance to see your home as it could be if they lived in it. My young clients had a lot of Dallas Cowboy decor upstairs in the family room. When I told him that had to go, he even admitted if he walked into a home and there was a rival team's logos or colors, he wouldn't buy it! Point made.

Minimal cost involved is paint and a few cleaning supplies which you probably already have. Don't leave valuable money and equity on the table (even if you are looking at a short sale). The better your house presents, the better you will come out of any purchase negotiation. It's your money, hang onto it!

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