Monday, February 25, 2013

Multi-tasking Homes Don't Sell.

We're all familiar with the term multi-tasking. It generally means doing more than one thing at a time. Feeding the baby while you're talking on the phone and attempting to start dinner for example. Or driving down the street while you talk on your phone, eat your bagel and apply your final coat of mascara.

It's tempting to try and do it all. But. While the jury is still out on whether multi-tasking really is productive (most studies will tell you it isn't) it's no secret that multi-tasking homes are definitely a DON'T.

What do we mean by multi-tasking homes? When a room or rooms try to serve more than one purpose. The dining room that also serves as your home office. The master bedroom that functions as a gym slash retreat. The enclosed front porch that serves as a playroom. The guest room slash gym slash office.

Now you're probably saying to yourself "I don't have room for a dedicated home office or gym".

Guess what? That's exactly what your buyers will be thinking. You don't have enough space to serve each purpose. If your dining room doubles as a home office you are showing buyers that your home doesn't have enough room for basic needs such as eating and using the computer without crowding both into the same space.

Space sells. Having enough space for daily living and perhaps a little more will sell your home. The more you can get buyers to see your home as their dream home, the more emotionally "sold" they will be.  So when you're staging your home for sale, keep in mind each room needs to have a dedicated purpose. Don't let buyers think your home is not big enough for their dreams.

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