Monday, January 28, 2013

What are the Pros and Cons of Selling an Empty Home?

Do you have a home for sale that is vacant or empty?

Perhaps you're in the situation a lot of my clients are: you needed to move out of your home before it sold and it's now on the market vacant.

Or you had your home leased, the tenants moved out and now you've decided to try and sell it.

What are your options? Is it easier to sell a vacant home or one that is occupied?

Here are some Pros and Cons of selling a vacant or empty home:


  •  It's easy for Realtors to show at a moment's notice 
  •  Any repairs or inspections can be done without inconveniencing owners or tenants 
  •  Cash buyers who want to close and move in quickly may be able to do so without waiting for an owner or tenant to move out 
  •  Can be easier to show than a very cluttered or unclean home 


  • Buyers find it hard to envision their furnishings if there aren't similar items in your home 
  • Buyers can focus on any perceived flaws that are more noticeable when the home is vacant 
  • Tend to sell slower because it's hard for most buyers to connect with an empty house when searching online or seeing in person 
  • Maintenance issues may not get caught in time to be repaired inexpensively 
  • Difficult to monitor inside temperatures during winter and summer to be comfortable to buyers and prevent maintenance issues such as leaks and freezing pipes 
  • Can be subject to vandalism or theft 

 Obviously the optimum way to sell a home is with furnishings and accessories that appeal to buyers and show the home to it's best advantage. This can be accomplished either by staging your home or vacant property or by having a caretaker move in temporarily with appropriate furnishings while the home is on the market.

From my experience, time and again, if a vacant home is priced correclty it will sell in fewer days once it is staged professionally. Consider your options before you put the home on the market and take full advantage of being the "new kid on the block" by preparing your home to sell BEFORE you list it.

Monday, January 14, 2013

How To Live With Your Living Room

One of the key rooms buyers are interested in when they are previewing your home for sale is the living room. The questions they'll be asking themselves is "how does this space work for me and my family"? "Is there enough room for us to do the things we enjoy, like watching TV, playing games, lounging, reading and entertaining"?

It's rare to find that living space that doesn't present some challenges to arranging furniture. And now that the large flat screen TV is also a fixture in most living areas, it too, has to be considered. Once there was just a fireplace to serve as the focal point of the living room or gathering room. It served not only as a source of warmth but also a permanent fixture around which to place our sofa and chairs. Now however, it's likely that the TV and fireplace share the same room.

If you're living in a newer built home there is often a separate media or family room where the TV can be located. But back to the point about creating a space that works for all members of the family to gather and socialize in.

How do you arrange the furniture you have in a way that allows easy conversation, TV viewing and fireplace gazing? Here's a handy article that visually walks you through some options and some tried and true space requirements for making the most of your living space!