Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our latest project... a Model Home in the country!

From staging a vacant town home in downtown Fort Worth, to creating and installing holiday decorations, to being hired by a past client to design and install a new flagship model home before the holidays, we've been kept very busy!

Our latest client is a developer and builder of affordable, energy efficient homes in north Texas and Louisiana. Most of the communities they build in are outside city limits and on acre plus lot sizes. We chose a casual country feel as our design theme with sophisticated touches of red and blue along with a few pops of orange. It was fun shopping for just the right accessories and I was thrilled to find a "Dallas" pillow as well as art featuring local football teams in my neighborhood Home Goods store. As this type of community appeals to local move up buyers, adding elements buyers can connect with was a great way to personalize this model home.

Take a look!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Take a Fresh Approach to Holiday Decorating

How to Freshen Up Your Holiday Decor

Well it's that time of year to think about how you want your  holiday decor to look and feel. If you haven't already opened up last years decorations, now is the time to see if you have everything you need to make this holiday special.

If you decide you need to add some new ornaments or decor,  get going. Judging from what I am seeing in the stores, most of the best selection is already gone. I started shopping in early November for a client's holiday project and I'm glad I did! 

If you're a late bloomer and are just now getting your tree selected here are some ideas for you to think about. It's never too late to tweak your theme or add a fresh spin to what you already have.

When I met with my client, I decided immediately to go with a color scheme of silver, white and lime green. I also felt since the home was very large and grand, it needed holiday decor that would fit the scale of the rooms and the elegance of the existing decor. So instead of using a traditional bow on swags of greenery I came up with the concept of doing a large silver drop from the garland on the staircase to fit in with the color scheme and add some drama. 

So think about what colors you have in your home. In this case there were a few green pillows on my client's white leather sectional so that was the jumping off point for my color scheme.  Perhaps you have some red already in your home. By pairing it with silver and white, instead of green, you can acheive a fresh new look. 

Here are some examples of modern color themes for the holidays:

  • White, green, silver
  • White, red, silver
  • White, blue, silver
  • Gold, silver and white

Keep the colors in balance.Your predominant color, red for example, becomes more dramatic if it's used as an accent.  Think 50% silver, 25 % white, 25% red.  Don't be afraid to vary the shades of red. Try a very large glass container and layer different ball ornaments inside in your color theme. Vary the texture and size of the ornaments for the most pop.

Trends this year:

  • More natural looking artiticial greenery
  • Tall sculptural table top ornaments and trees 
  • Mercury silver is still hot.
  • Giant oversize ball ornaments 

If you've procrastinated about getting your holiday decorations up, don't worry. The upside is you are probably going to see a lot of stores already discounting their Christmas merchandise. Of course you can also think ahead to next year and take advantage of sales right before and after the holidays. If you love it and it makes you smile, buy it.  But don't just buy it because it's on sale!

Happy holidays to everyone. Relax and enjoy this time of year. Before we know it 2013 will be here!