Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Top 4 Rooms That Must Appeal to Buyers

Sometimes it's good to revisit the basics when you are getting ready to sell your home. Many of my clients are unsure about where to put their time and money to get their home staged to sell. Once we live in a home for a while it's hard to see beyond the day to day repairs we know need to be made and how we use the space day to day. I will tell you what I tell my clients. Most buyers are interested in these main spaces and will overlook other rooms or flaws if these rooms meet their expectations. So if you are spending money or time to get your home ready to sell, make these rooms your priority.

  1. Kitchen  No other room has as much power to make or break a sale as the kitchen. Buyers want updated here and will pay for it or will deduct (if they make an offer at all) if it's not updated. Simple updates include painting dated style wooden cabinets and adding new hardware. Don't expect to get away with old countertops or flooring. If both surfaces are in good condition and appropriate to the price of the home,you may dodge the expense of updating them.
 Buyers expect granite or other comparable solid surface counters in homes above $300K in most markets. Newer quality appliances in stainless or black finish make buyers happy. An updated kitchen will help sell your home every time.

 2. Master Bedroom This room is simpler to update because you're really looking at walls and floors and furnishings. Make sure your bedroom is inviting and looks large. No pet beds, no discarded furntiure, no office desk and clean and organized closets. Bedding should be updated and fresh. No itred pillows or old comforters!

 3. Master Bath Consider the same updates in the master bath as the kitchen, Paint cabinets, update hardware, replace dated counters and flooring if possible. Clean, clean, clean and neutral is the way to go.

 4. Living Room Today's buyers want to know they can watch TV, entertain and live a comfortable lifestyle in their living room. You have to show enough seating and an easy and comfortable seating arrangement. Many living areas, especially in some newer homes have chopped up living spaces which are open to the kitchen and the entry. It can be challenging to create a seating arrangement that allows for traffic flow and is focused on not only a TV space but possibly a fireplace. Study design magazines and websites. Look at how furntiure stores display and arrange their furniture. Letting buyers see your living space has enough room to live comfortably is key to getting offers.

 Focus on these main rooms and you will have more control over the sale of your home. Don't wait for buyers to tell you what they want. Make sure these rooms are updated and appealing before you list your home for sale!