Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Do You Have the Urge to Merge...Your Stuff?

Summer is almost officially over. Labor Day is past us and the kids are back in school. Whew! Remember when you were in school and you could not wait for summer to get here? Winter used to be the season we couldn't wait to get through but now I am going to nominate Summer. It's too darn hot!! At least here in Fort Worth TX. but maybe not in your part of the world. I hope you are enjoying the cooler nights and more relaxed pace of life now that fall is just around the corner.

Typically summer is thought of as the most active real estate market. Granted many families will try to move before school starts, but with changing demographics and changing household dynamics, you will find buyers out looking any time of year. Job changes, household changes, desire for more space, desire for less space. All of these are motivating factors to move.

What if you are getting married or you and your favorite person are moving in together? One of you will sell their home and both of you have to decide how you are going to merge all of your stuff into one home that reflects both of you.

It can be challenging. Especially if the merging involves lifetimes of furniture, memories and treasures.The older we get the more we have time to accumulate. When we are staging a home to sell, we ask our clients to take a good hard look at everything. Is it still relevant to your life today? Does it have a purpose or is it dead weight? Do you still like it? That's a good question. Because if you don't like it or it's not pleasing to you then it's time for it to go.

If you are merging households, leave room to add pieces and art that reflect both your tastes. Leave room to create a new home that you both can feel at home in.

Here are some more ideas and pointers to help you in the process.