Thursday, April 26, 2012

Need a little Interior Therapy?

Interior Therapy Transformations

In response to so many of our clients calling us and asking for design help, we decided to create a new premier service called Interior Therapy transformations.

We wanted to provide the interior design guidance you need and make the process as simple as possible. Sometimes you need a little help and sometimes you need a lot. So we offer blocks or sessions of four hours. You can purchase one session or as many as you need. There is no obligation beyond  your first session so you have complete control over your budget and your time.

How can you use your Interior Therapy sessions? There are many different ways we can help. Here are a few examples of when you might want to call us and book a session.
  • You're selling your home and want to stage it to sell. You need decluttering, organizing and updating advice.
  • You've sold your large home, are down-sizing and need advice on what to keep, what to sell and suggestions on how to design your new space.
  • You've married and are trying to combine two households of furniture and two different design styles.
  • You've outgrown your home's decor but aren't sure how or where to begin to update it.
  • You want to remodel but aren't sure where to begin or what contractors to call.
  • Your kids have moved out and you're ready to create a new home office or guest bedroom.
  • You've bought a second home and need help decorating to suit your lifestyle
  • You know you want a change but aren't sure how to get the look you want
In other words there are lots of times when you might need a little guidance. Even if it's just picking paint colors or new flooring, we can save you money and anxiety by guiding you to the choice that's right for you and your home.

We suggest starting with one session and adding more as needed. What can you expect with one session? We'll get a lot accomplished in four hours. You'll have clear guidance to your next step and for some of our clients that may be all they need. Just a little help to get on the right track.

Call us today for more information and pricing. Talk to you soon!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

HomeGain 2012 Home Improvement Survey

Townhome for sale

HomeGain just came out with the results of their 2012 nationwide Realtor survey of the top recommended home improvements including home staging for sellers who are getting their home ready to sell.

It looks like once again cleaning and de-cluttering top the list, followed by lightening and brightening.  As a professional home staging company I address cleaning, de-cluttering, lightening and brightening as part of my home staging recommendations.

Adding furniture or accessories to a dirty or dark home is not cost effective!

Sometimes it's not just about the furniture. Staging really is a variety of services that help market and present the home as opposed to just listing it without any preparation. Of course it helps to have a home stager who understands how to get the most bang for the buck. A lot of homeowners are squeezed as it is and every dollar they invest has to have a return on investment.

Be sure to scroll down the page and read the Realtor commentary. I agree that homes at $300K or above reap the most reward from staging because at that price range you really have a lot of competition.

Cleaning, de-cluttering and staging a home are some of the low cost improvements that really make sense when you are selling your home.

Friday, April 20, 2012

You can't go wrong with paint!

One of the least expensive updates you can do in your home is paint.

Painting your home yourself is a good example of  what we call "sweat equity" meaning the time and labor  it takes to paint gives you a great return on your  "investment". Since paint itself is inexpensive, painting is one of the first projects I recommend when are thinking of selling your home. Selling your home as is does not pay. Spend a little on paint and cleaning supplies and you'll be glad you did!

Take a good look at your walls and evaluate their condition. Do they just need a good cleaning or is it time to re-paint? While you're checking out the walls don't forget the trim. Trim is any paint on doors, baseboards, stair rails and cabinets. Typically trim is painted in a semi to high gloss paint as it gets the most wear and tear and needs to be able to be cleaned easily.

Now is also a good time to consider color. Did you get caught up in the red wall craze that Trading Spaces made popular? Or perhaps you've been living with the previous owners colors and haven't gotten around to updating to your taste.

You can't go wrong with neutrals especially if you're thinking of selling or staging your home for sale. That doesn't mean your walls have to be boring though. I often recommend three colors that range from light to medium in shade. Choose the lighter shades for large open spaces such as hallways and great rooms. Go with the medium shade for kitchens and bedrooms and baths. The darker shade is great for an office or media room.

Most paint stores carry color cards or decks with complementary colors next to each other on the card. Pick several warm neutrals you like and take them home. See what they look like when you tape them on the wall. Not sure? Get a quart made up and paint a wall so you can really see if it's what you like at all times of day.

Don't be afraid to try several different colors but don't get stuck when choosing  Take the plunge. Sometimes you have to live with a color for a while before you know if it's for you. Paint is cheap. You can always paint over your "trial" wall and try again.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Talking LIVE about Home Staging

Today I had the pleasure of talking live with Rich Cederburg, a local Albuquerque Realtor on the Albuquerque Real Estate show on  Patsy Bailey, a local mortgage professional co-hosted.

Since I recently opened an office in the  Albuquerque area  I wanted to  connect with local Realtors and Rich stood out. His blog is a valuable source of local real estate buzz and information.

Rich is a local expert in the Albuquerque area and we found we shared a passion for not just real estate but also the technology we use to connect with our clients who are looking to buy or sell a home. Twitter,  Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ are just a few of the ways we try to stay tuned in and relevant!

Staying in touch with trends and technology is just another way for me to interact with my Realtor clients and my homeowner clients. Marketing and networking online is just one avenue I use to help my clients share the buzz!

So I hope you enjoy listening to our chat about home staging. We talk about what to expect and the differences between selling your home versus dwelling in it.  We also touched on the differences between interior design and home staging. Our conversation is relevant to any market and anyone who is wondering how home staging can work for them.

Enjoy listening!

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