Monday, June 27, 2011

Banish those low ball offers and pesky pet odors! Pt.2

Ah what a difference it makes when you decide to present your home as fabulous, not as is!

It may not be the easy route to take, but when you do take the trouble to update your home as needed (master baths and kitchens should be on the top of your list), and make sure it's clean and organized (no giant waterfalls of clutter to greet buyers when they open your closet doors), you will reap the benefits.

Your home will sell in less time and for more money because that's what it takes these days to get a home sold. Buyers are asking for move in ready and they will pass on your home if it's not in great condition.

Don't make the mistake of thinking potential buyers will want to change carpet, paint or make needed repairs. They will just as likely move on to the next home that is updated and ready to move into.

You've worked hard for your home. Don't throw away your investment in time and money. Make sure you don't leave any money or equity on the table.


THEN sell! 

What's the value of pet odors, repairs and dated furniture? Pt 1

 to drive the price of your home downThe best way to throw away money is to sell your house "as is".

"As is" used to be code for a home that had maintenance or repair issues the seller had no intention of repairing or addressing. The "as is" in the home remarks was also a carrot to any investor or buyer looking for a great deal. In exchange for making repairs, the buyer had the opportunity to make money and in turn equity.

Putting a home on the market today without preparing it by making repairs, updating, cleaning, and staging it for sale is like throwing money away.

When buyers walk into your home and they see clutter, dated furniture and smell pet odors they mentally deduct the value off your asking price. Buyers are not only comparing your home to resale properties in their price range but also to new homes. New homes that are shiny and lack the flaws of older homes. New homes that may be staged as model homes without the clutter of owners.

The best way to market your home is to present it as new not as is. Most existing homes have great features that new homes may not. More square footage, better floorplan, more mature landscaping. You get the idea.

A stinky dated home does not get top dollar!  Don't throw your equity (or next down payment) away. Show your home as new, not as is.
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