Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Model Home in Burleson TX, Staged by Hampton Redesign

Hampton Redesign just staged this model home at 1321 Doe Meadow Dr., Fort Worth TX 76028.

5 Secrets of Extraordinary Sellers

On January 31st I had a staging consultation with a client who was getting ready to put her home on the market. Her husband had been transferred and she was ready to hear what it would take to get her home sold ... fast.

We met for a 2 hour staging consultation where I walked through their home and gave her advice not only on furniture but updates to walls, floors and bathrooms. A few weeks later she contacted me to help her through the design choices to completely update the home. We chose new carpet, all new paint, new countertops, bath fixtures and lighting fixtures. All wallpaper was removed as were drapes and wow what a difference!

Then we started buying furniture to "stage" the home. All the furniture had to be able to work in her new home which of course she hadn't bought yet!  A challenge, but we bought pieces that would work in the current home and that they loved.

The end result is a completely updated home. It was listed last week and I have no doubt they will be getting an offer soon.

Here's a view of the living room before (dining room furniture was piled in while they were painting) Sorry for the blur - taken on my phone.
Living room before 1
Living Room Before Staging

Living Room After
Living Room After Staging

Living room before 2
Living Room Before Staging - From Kitchen

Living Room After 2
Living Room After Staging - From Kitchen

This seller went above and beyond to transform her home to sell. How can you be an extraordinary seller too?

1. Act on advice. When you hire a staging consultant take their advice and run with it. Second guessing doesn't sell a home, action does.

2. Be open to change. That's the big one. This family home looks completely different. It required willingness to change.

3. Get help. This owner relied on our help every step of the way. When you create a great partnership, good things happen.

4. Communicate. Communicate with everyone on a regular basis. Your stager/designer, your spouse, your kids, your realtor. Keep everyone in the loop. Communication is the cornerstone of coordinating any move.

5. Have fun. Make it fun whenever possible. Keeping your sense of humor when selling a house is priceless!

UPDATE: This home was under contract within 10 days of listing!