Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I've staged my home... now what do I do?

Okay your home stager just left and your house looks great.

You've done everything on your list.

The house looks better than it ever has before. Everything that could be donated or sold has been (you're already plugging the tax deduction into your 2011 taxes). All that extra furniture has been put in storage and all the extra "stuff" has been boxed up and packed away too.

The kitchen counter has been cleared off and the kitchen and bathrooms are spotless! Fluffy white towels are hanging in the master bath, the closets are organized (wow who knew color coordinating your hanging clothes would make such a difference) and the floors are gleaming and freshly vacuumed.

Once everything was clean and organized, you and your stager pulled all the furniture and accessories together to give each room purpose and a focal point. Your home looks HUGE!

The "after" staged photos are off to your realtor.

Your home is now in MLS and whew here we go. You're listed!

Now what?

Now comes the challenging part. Yes your home looks great, but how do you keep it looking great while you're living in it?

Typically  you have a minimum one hour notice for a showing. If you work during the day or are going to be gone for any length of time, you need to have a routine. Get your home set up so that you can prep it for a showing quickly. Then just before you leave....

BATHClean   bath
- Put most of your bathroom counter top necessities in a plastic bin and make room so you can pop it out of sight quickly
- Keep those white fluffy towels neatly folded on towel bars and keep your every day towel neatly folded over the shower door, bathmat too. 

- Hide all personal jewelry in a faux book box or something similar so that it's out of sight but accessible to you
- Keep your bedding simple but make sure it's made up every day!
- Toss your robe, jammies etc in your laundry basket(with lid) kitchen

- if you use a dish drainer, put it under the sink along with any cleaning supplies, so your sink(s) are clear and clean
- Make sure all dishes are in the dishwasher along with sponges etc
- Wipe down counter tops with a quick all-purpose spray cleaner and paper towel
- Burn a candle (pineapple/cilantro is a favorite) to soften any kitchen cooking smells if needed

- Make sure your new throw pillows are plumped and your throw is folded just so
- Keep a large flat basket on a table to corral your magazines and tuck remotes in

Make sure carpets are freshly vacuumed after every showing if possible and keep blinds and curtains open to let in the maximum light!

15 minutes is all this should take before you leave the house. It's that little bit of extra effort that will pay off in great showing feedback and help your beautifully staged home stand out from the rest!