Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So How Much Time DOES It Take to Stage a Vacant Home?

Recently I gave some thought to exactly what happens once I get a request to stage a vacant home.

If there is any doubt as to time and effort involved, whether the expense is justified or what exactly is involved in staging a vacant property, this may be enlightening!

Here's my breakdown of what I do from start to finish for my clients.

1. Visit the vacant property to discuss rooms and possible solutions to awkward layouts. Take preliminary "before" photos to create staging design. 1-2 hours

2. Design and research furniture rental and prepare list for lease, includes revising and redoing plan several times based on what's available at time of staging 1-2 hours

3. Source and shop for additional furniture, accessories including bedding, plants, lamps, soft furnishings, kitchen and bath accents, door mats, and any unique accessories for the property. Includes travel time. 4-8 hours

4. Coordinate with furniture rental partner for delivery, lease and application paperwork and any unusual circumstances including meeting to review furniture selections. 1-2 hours

5. Day before staging - select and pack all accessories for delivery. 2-3 hours

6. Day of staging - pack any remaining items, drive to staging location to meet with furniture rental delivery, accept furniture and direct placement. Unload and unpack all additional furniture and accessories. Once furniture is in place, complete staging with accessories and add finishing touches. Sweep and make sure all staged surfaces are clean. Take photography of staged rooms and download. Crop and size in Photoshop and upload to web and send link to Realtor and owner. 4-6 hours

7. Return to check on staging every couple of weeks or more. Attend Broker or buyer open house to assist listing Realtor. 2-5 hours

8. Stay in contact with Owner and Realtor throughout staging via email or phone. If needed adjust staging. 1 hour+

9. Once home is sold, schedule furniture pickup. Arrive at staged home day before furniture pickup to pack and load all accessories and additional furniture. On scheduled day , meet to supervise furniture pickup. Clean and sweep once home is empty. 2-4 hours

10. Unload and unpack all accessories and re-inventory. 2-3 hours

I'm sure I've left out something but that's a total of 20-36 hours from start to finish! When you decide to hire someone to stage your home or if your Realtor suggests it, keep in mind the time and effort involved. It's a lot of work, but it works. Staging does sell houses!